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2nd pic is action shot of chicken absolutely demolishing some defenseless romaine

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some friends of mine are now chicken parents & i'm so delighted to be overenthusiastic chicken aunt

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Now for something completely different. I've participated in the Paint Over Fast Competition at Revision 2021.

Coastal Custodians (inspired by a chaos picture) was created within less than 24 h including sleep and breaks. It won 1st place. 🐳 💙

#art #mastoart #demoscene #revision2021

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if you dont call a tool that generates a bloom filter from a very large dataset "bloomin onion" who even are you

Should I take a day off work to drive 6hrs roundtrip to see a rare duck

which MAY or may not still be there when I arrive? :DDDD i'm EXTREMELY pleased someone appreciated this, thank you!!!

Oh, the forests of Timber sure have changed!

@pat how do you determine in advance if the shitposting is Really Good TM

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Happy holidays to you and your families 🌟 🤗.
❄️ Door 24 ❄️ Speedpainting 24122019 #art #illustration #mastoart

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