twitter is still broken for me and it seems related to sessions since i get an error when i log in so uh lol good luck to them i suppose

once i find out what a future is i'm gonna be a really dangerous coder

everything’s a limited time offer if you think about it

not going to lie, i'd go for some pie delivery right about now.

the car wash brushes that look like vertical rotisseries, the “welcome to the car wash” sign... this tech illustration has it all

vaccine 2 day 2 

fortunately for me my symptoms w/ the moderna shot are pretty mild. just tired, kinda like a hangover. an advil and a coffee seems to have me back in working order.

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vaccine, covid, feelings 

I received shot #2 today. i feel: v. fortunate. i do not feel: relief?

like, i want this to mean the end is near and such, but it also seems too optimistic for it to be? the end? early transmission indicators seem encouraging; what about mutations? hows this play with long covid? etc. etc.

i will probably feel better about this in a couple months when more research about things happens? hypervigilant brain is very helpful for my life, and also very frustrating.

cats and their digestive system 

my cat is getting an enema today. last time was october. at least it is a nice day to walk around the area my vet is in?

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also, sunday morning vet visit. abby’s GI system is a forever balancing act sigh

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if you’re using your car as a place to hang out while waiting for your cat’s vet visit, if you sit in the passenger seat people won’t ask you if youre about to move

went through a bunch of photos from forever ago and enjoyed these two.

some personal news: super excited (!) to announce i just closed on a decent burrito bowl

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additionally: it’s been a year since i’ve ridden public transit 😢

wonder if the title “devil may cry” follows rfc2119

you have been visited by the DRAGON OF CPU WAIT send to 5 friends or this dragon will curse your scheduler

did anyone have any good dreams on elm street? or just nightmares?

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