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there was about a six month period of my life where i thought chiptune meant like those chipmunk remixes of different songs

hello fedi! i am hiring for a remote mid-level (maybe more? but it's leveled at mid right now) SRE at F5, which acquired Threat Stack back in October. It's a large platform, it's a bunch of wonderful folks, there are projects to do, and I give a fair amount of freedom to safely try new things while not getting too distracted by shiny.

Alaska-Atlantic time, US (but I can transfer H1b and sponsor).

what’s wrong with being into big parma? hard cheeses are great

a mix of obviousplant’s “sneppy” plus sepiroth, or “sneppyroth”

i dont get why people get so mad about fan service. seems like an odd home repair to get mad about imo!

forbes magazine can only be read by people with four orbs

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while you were partying, I was studying the Blade II DVD

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watched midnight gospel again and it is a very weird and pretty show

RADIUS/uspol shitpost, sorry 

all this from writing "we love radius" as a joke in a chat and then the neurons fired around and here we are ok im done

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RADIUS/uspol shitpost, sorry 

we love radius, dont we?? radius is our people... people come up to me every day... strong and powerful people... people who manage server... internet... they tell me they need triple a. when is this country going to get triple a? because when you are with car, and have breakdown, its a bad way. real bad way. nobody is talking about how bad breakdown is.

we’re all just searching for what made us feel, tbh

could it have been a single file html/js combo? probably. any time i start poking at js or react i realize how much i don't know.

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made a lambda golang app that takes in a multipart upload of a json file and returns it into something i could print as pdf. cgi-bin is back and better than ever!!!

i don’t plan on going to it, but it’s a place i just noticed by where i’m sitting

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wonder if this healing crystal place has something for my hangover

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