being intentional about what voices we highlighted was an by design and took the effort of many people - usenix, program committees, and chairs over the years.

it's something i think made the conference and field a slightly better place.

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LISA was my first professional conference and community. im genuinely excited for the future; SREcon is a natural home for the content, because (imo, anyways) SRE is more than just error budgets and SLOs.

i was on my first LISA program committee in 2012. watching the conference evolve over the last 9? years is something i've been really proud to be a part of. indeed, the content changed over time. more importantly though: the people who presented changed.

ultimately it was a check to make sure rabies wasn’t a thing. cool! okay. makes sense, let’s do that. but without any context other than “can we facetime your cat to make sure she’s okay” i was pretty concerned about like: what could happen here? and why? no one told me what to expect!

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apparently abby bit or scratched at the kitty ER on the 19th, which - she was in a terrible state so, not a surprise. had no idea this happened && got a call from my city’s animal control about it earlier today

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i’d aggressively launch a legal fight over my cat if pressed to do so. that is what i learned today.

abby, my 14.5 year old calico pal, is staying overnight at the hospital tonight. grateful for finding out what’s up with her and being able to care for her but also its weird in the apartment

one of the perks of owning "big technology, llc" is that any time a news story about "big tech" comes up i get a lil chuckle out of it

"wacky waving inflatable arm flailing man child" is this anything?

finding it hard to believe that nier replicant had 22474487139 builds

[img is a building with the name of the association on the front and the high school on the side]

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i’m at the montessori high school. i’m at the burley tobacco growers cooperative organization. i’m at the combination montessori high school burley tobacco growers cooperative organization.

haven’t flown since october 2019. but omw to the airport to pick this car up ✈️

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[taking notes] so i see here there's a *creative* cloud, but is there a market for an... uncreative cloud?

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Three days left in Pride month. Three charities. I will match up to $1000 each. Please toot or DM me your receipts!

🌈 LGBTQ Freedom Fund
🌈 Gender Justice League
🌈 Trans Lifeline

i’m moving and that means getting rid of this pile of cords

did u know: in the US a car’s window sticker is referred to as a “monroney sticker,” named after oklahoma senator mike monroney who sponsored the automobile information disclosure act of 1958. legally it must include a listing of base features, options, suggested prices, engine, transmission, fuel economy, and warranty info. you can go to prison(!) for illegally modifying one.

manufacturers generally consider a vehicle fully built and ready ship and invoice when they print one of them for a VIN

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“why do you log on in the first place” look, corporate performance art is fascinating to me

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