“why do you log on in the first place” look, corporate performance art is fascinating to me

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linkedin will always be amusing to me. scrolled by “the godfather of talent optimization” what does that even mean?

in this toot: cliché Boston photos. was a nice ride on the scooter tonight 🛵

cracking open a cold one (hills k/d diet) with the girls (my cat abby)

an easy take oven for baking one’s takes

i've never really owned a personal laptop, they've generally all been work (or work spares that are v. old). I've stickered one of those up a bit in the past, but, i also know it's a ton of work for IT to remove 'em so like.. eh.

also: inb4 "you leaked your laptop stickers now someone will know its yours smdh!!! u say ur a security person?????"

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my cat is fighting me every step of the way when it comes to: removing her bandage from a blood draw earlier today, but it's also causing her to walk funny. never change, abby

just got the email that it's got a build manifest oh boy oh boy 😀

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this show is very unmeme-able i think? or i'm just bad at memes (likely) so... idk, i doubt there will be a second season, but i enjoy the animated podcast?

also the last episode is v. touching.

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midnight gospel is a weird show but i... dig? it? anyways well that's the toot.

that the lead singer of savage garden is in a docu about the last blockbuster is definitely something lmao

aaaaa macOS 11.4 fixes the pkcs11 SSH provider issue i wrote about last november! v. happy about that pcable.net/posts/2020-11-15-bi

it smells nice outside. the air is nice.

my cat very clearly has the same level of ennui i do today

watching colombo and wow air travel used to be much simpler

[sugar ray voice]: iiiii just wanna vibe

"i would like to follow more folks on mastodon," he contemplates asking (on the bird site??)

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