hybrid jeep is scheduled for production and has an estimated ship date 😮


i have to wait til 18 june anyways to get an additional 1% off but hype hype hype

transacting in TN with an MA license will be a little annoying. MA doesn’t recognize temporary registrations, so i’ll have to sell my car then hop on a plane w/ my plates and i’ll have 7 days to get back. worth it for the adventure but A Process

(also i’m moving mid july lol it’s fine)

just got the email that it's got a build manifest oh boy oh boy 😀

did u know: in the US a car’s window sticker is referred to as a “monroney sticker,” named after oklahoma senator mike monroney who sponsored the automobile information disclosure act of 1958. legally it must include a listing of base features, options, suggested prices, engine, transmission, fuel economy, and warranty info. you can go to prison(!) for illegally modifying one.

manufacturers generally consider a vehicle fully built and ready ship and invoice when they print one of them for a VIN

haven’t flown since october 2019. but omw to the airport to pick this car up ✈️

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