here’s a thing i forgot about: micromagic hamburgers

some mornings abby will meow a lot at the door. sometimes i let her in (or she’ll push the door once it’s open a little bit) and she runs to the bed like she’s got something important to say, then sits down a purrs a lot.

i’m at the montessori high school. i’m at the burley tobacco growers cooperative organization. i’m at the combination montessori high school burley tobacco growers cooperative organization.

i’m moving and that means getting rid of this pile of cords

in this toot: cliché Boston photos. was a nice ride on the scooter tonight 🛵

midnight gospel is a weird show but i... dig? it? anyways well that's the toot.

abby, an adorable calico, being adorable and grumpy because i accidentally moved her

the car wash brushes that look like vertical rotisseries, the “welcome to the car wash” sign... this tech illustration has it all

went through a bunch of photos from forever ago and enjoyed these two.

you have been visited by the DRAGON OF CPU WAIT send to 5 friends or this dragon will curse your scheduler

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