anyways, if youre curious id be down to chat. i also wrote a whole thread about it on the bird site

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i guess like, between GMT-8 to GMT-4 is what i really mean here

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i'm still hiring for an senior SRE role. help us do a kubernet? containerize some cool JVM-based apps? the k8s env would be pretty greenfield. anyways, i'd love to chat about it if you're in alaska => atlantic tz. may be able to do canada? you'd report to me.

@quintessence kinda why i like checking in here every so often. gives me that early internet vibe

credit gripe 

@ehashman fwiw, somehow i have that kinda score without a mortgage (probably auto/current student loans in the history). i think it’s a silly system, too.

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Gonna just run all my code on my partner's new laptop instead of learning any formal verification tools 😎 checkmate, nerds

it’s fun to see new people in the fedi space ☀️

"I was always told i was beautiful on the inside, and a team of medical professionals are going to dive in and find out tomorrow" - me starting my vlog (i do not have a vlog)

if you asked me a year ago if id be rolling around town in my jeep wrangler (top down) sipping an “ensure MAX protein” - well, i’m not sure what i would have said either

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one of the things i appreciate the most about this Zone is that i get strong geocities/old internet vibes from it. hard to find that these days

im glad link didnt get a counterfeit sheikah slate

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i bet there's good barbecue in goron city

aleppo pepper would also be a good band name i think

that’s it! i’m taking the kids and going to kakariko village!

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there was about a six month period of my life where i thought chiptune meant like those chipmunk remixes of different songs

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