did anyone have any good dreams on elm street? or just nightmares?

@Kannon i get a comforting 90s internet vibe from it sorta - and i enjoy the folks in the bigger fediverse. i’ll probably keep running my tiny server :)

i'm gonna be hiring a devopsy/sre/systems-y type soon 🎉

I'm looking at probably mid-level or higher given the team size is small. need us work authorization & be in eastern or central time. you'd report to me.

a draft job description is at: gist.github.com/patcable/50df1 - happy to chat about it, the team, the org, take feedback, or let you know when the actual job is up

important monday morning distributed database posting:

1) the log message "JOINING: waiting for ring information" is the main plot of the movie "the ring"

2) the log message "Waiting for gossip to settle before accepting client requests..." is a nod to the classic hit "mean girls"

love adding “at this time” to any message to increase its mysterious factor. “it’s not illegal to reheat a breakfast burrito at this time.”

holy shit my friend sent me travel-remotely.netlify.app/ and it 100% fits for a "screensaver show" criteria

pick a city, pick a radio station from that city, and you can adjust? the amount of city noise??? which is extremely comforting rn

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also, if i could live in a song, i'd move into emancipator's "time for space" youtube.com/watch?v=FTpafOTaWs

also maybe? l'impéatrice's "là-haut" (which i didn't realize it had such a rad music video tbh): youtube.com/watch?v=Zky8sIOvGY

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the "long way {round,down,up}" shows were mostly ewan macgregor and his pal charlie being like "ah, how beautiful, the open road" roughly 2.5 min but it was nice to see ~remote-ish places on this earth.

taking suggestions for new screensaver shows if you've got 'em

thinking of spicing my terminal up with Mistral® Com Regular - v. readable for daily use imo

@huertanix @ehashman i like toot for ios. here’s how it displays my cat! i added alt text to an alt texted photo so lmk if i should: not

disclosure: i am deeply in the pocket of Big Root - been logging into things as root for years, and I shant be stopping now!!!

described an rate of data to someone as "100MB/sec, as in one whole zip disk per second" which is something everyone absolutely knows about in 2021

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Looking in both directions. :)

Nikon Z6, Nikkor f1.8G 50mm, processed in Darktable. #Photography

you cant summon the grand raccoon to go grocery shopping 😢

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