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whining about linux and apt 

debian's whole "auto start/configure a service after you install it" move is one that really finds new ways to hurt me at least once a month

when i see ads for "pick a cloud your cio will love" i imagine a grown adult non-ironically loving... da cloud

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I'm gonna buy some wine from this past year just so I can eventually open it and say "ah, this is a 2020. a very bad year."

would you make a silly company name or a boring one? does it matter?

the fault in our pages, an openzfs story

what if "adding ai to a product" only meant you had to get a shoutout from famous nba player allen iverson

considering leaving my shitposting to mastodon unless it’s *really good* but i haven’t decided

also, for nerds like me who hate ssh keys and prefer hardware ones, is very handy

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setting this up with windows was also interesting in that: doing linux dev on my windows box wasn't particularly annoying? wsl2 was pretty fast? my yubikey worked for ssh auth? my keyboard fu isnt as good but like, neat

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one of the things that got me into linux in general was the question of "how would i set up ircd" and tbh i think this feels similar. also that feeling once you _do_ get it working of "ok, now what" is very similar

Mutual TLS Zone

The Mutual TLS Zone is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there.