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i'm gonna be hiring a devopsy/sre/systems-y type soon 🎉

I'm looking at probably mid-level or higher given the team size is small. need us work authorization & be in eastern or central time. you'd report to me.

a draft job description is at: - happy to chat about it, the team, the org, take feedback, or let you know when the actual job is up

important monday morning distributed database posting:

1) the log message "JOINING: waiting for ring information" is the main plot of the movie "the ring"

2) the log message "Waiting for gossip to settle before accepting client requests..." is a nod to the classic hit "mean girls"

love adding “at this time” to any message to increase its mysterious factor. “it’s not illegal to reheat a breakfast burrito at this time.”

holy shit my friend sent me and it 100% fits for a "screensaver show" criteria

pick a city, pick a radio station from that city, and you can adjust? the amount of city noise??? which is extremely comforting rn

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also, if i could live in a song, i'd move into emancipator's "time for space"

also maybe? l'impéatrice's "là-haut" (which i didn't realize it had such a rad music video tbh):

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the "long way {round,down,up}" shows were mostly ewan macgregor and his pal charlie being like "ah, how beautiful, the open road" roughly 2.5 min but it was nice to see ~remote-ish places on this earth.

taking suggestions for new screensaver shows if you've got 'em

thinking of spicing my terminal up with Mistral® Com Regular - v. readable for daily use imo

disclosure: i am deeply in the pocket of Big Root - been logging into things as root for years, and I shant be stopping now!!!

described an rate of data to someone as "100MB/sec, as in one whole zip disk per second" which is something everyone absolutely knows about in 2021

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Looking in both directions. :)

Nikon Z6, Nikkor f1.8G 50mm, processed in Darktable. #Photography

you cant summon the grand raccoon to go grocery shopping 😢

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if you are a tremendous nerd, you might find the debugging story of “why newer erlang and rabbitmq won’t talk to my ldap server” interesting. also, rabbitmq 3.8.12 will be out later this week with some new config options from this journey. enjoy:

hello to mutual tls zone and other friendly territories

happy to report that i'm living, laughing, and loving through this thursday

if you dont call a tool that generates a bloom filter from a very large dataset "bloomin onion" who even are you

some days i think my primary job output and responsibility is: glue

this is fine: i am a director type! its part of the job. but my contributions feel spurious and hard to quantify

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