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sometimes (when i want to live a little) i take the case off my phone. whole different device!

well, more like: i ordered one to be built. but the back and forth was far more enjoyable than the three local dealer interactions. sent him what i wanted, he sent a build sheet back, i confirmed it, he came back with a price that was 11% under msrp? great thanks

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bought a car in tennessee over email, as one does

abby, an adorable calico, being adorable and grumpy because i accidentally moved her

one of the things i hate about Growing Up™ is like,,,,,, it's a whole Process to make friends.

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- "ah <person>... what a gem..."
-- "yeah i'd uninstall that gem"

pleased to announce my continued "niche player" status in the gartner magic quadrant for shitposting

i dont actually mind, right? -- like i dont really care about "oh, it's not aCcUraTe~" its just funny

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"we can trace his ip through the shell proxies, but hes gonna be fully proxied" yes i bet

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im watching the crackle show 'startup' and its 100% not good but i also want to see where it goes

“a late night show for birds! starring jimmy talon”

i.. guess i shouldn't be surprised that this is a thing, but: got an ad for a company that will *lease* being added to someone elses credit card to improve a credit score???

twitter is still broken for me and it seems related to sessions since i get an error when i log in so uh lol good luck to them i suppose

once i find out what a future is i'm gonna be a really dangerous coder

everything’s a limited time offer if you think about it

not going to lie, i'd go for some pie delivery right about now.

the car wash brushes that look like vertical rotisseries, the “welcome to the car wash” sign... this tech illustration has it all

vaccine 2 day 2 

fortunately for me my symptoms w/ the moderna shot are pretty mild. just tired, kinda like a hangover. an advil and a coffee seems to have me back in working order.

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