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my cat very clearly has the same level of ennui i do today

watching colombo and wow air travel used to be much simpler

[sugar ray voice]: iiiii just wanna vibe

"i would like to follow more folks on mastodon," he contemplates asking (on the bird site??)

idk why i thought upgrading to 3.4.0 would be v. different but that's ok. software works as intended!

transacting in TN with an MA license will be a little annoying. MA doesn’t recognize temporary registrations, so i’ll have to sell my car then hop on a plane w/ my plates and i’ll have 7 days to get back. worth it for the adventure but A Process

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i have to wait til 18 june anyways to get an additional 1% off but hype hype hype

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hybrid jeep is scheduled for production and has an estimated ship date 😮

sometimes (when i want to live a little) i take the case off my phone. whole different device!

well, more like: i ordered one to be built. but the back and forth was far more enjoyable than the three local dealer interactions. sent him what i wanted, he sent a build sheet back, i confirmed it, he came back with a price that was 11% under msrp? great thanks

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bought a car in tennessee over email, as one does

abby, an adorable calico, being adorable and grumpy because i accidentally moved her

one of the things i hate about Growing Up™ is like,,,,,, it's a whole Process to make friends.

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- "ah <person>... what a gem..."
-- "yeah i'd uninstall that gem"

pleased to announce my continued "niche player" status in the gartner magic quadrant for shitposting

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