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In the software-as-a-service ecosystem, production is represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the developers who write services, and the sysadmins who maintain them. These are their stories. [doink doink]

i watched “roadrunner. im glad i watched. and: i miss seeing parts of the world from bourdain’s pov

red sky at morning, gym-goers warning/red sky at night, idk sounds nice

is this anything? (shitpost) 

jonny i’ve

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This is your annual reminder that this is the only night of the year that you can get Krackel bars. Don't waste it

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~ At the end of a religious ceremony ~

The priest, gesturing beatifically and chanting, 🎶 This site uses cookies 🎶

The congregation replies, 🎶 I accept 🎶

No one remembers what this means or why we say it

[watching law and order after apple picking]: "all these people could use more apple crisp"

cocktail hot tip 

you can absolutely put a little cold coffee concentrate in a negroni

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for this october, I'm doing the chilltober challenge, the challenge is be chill every day

here’s a thing i forgot about: micromagic hamburgers

unrelated but also what if all ikeas were swedish embassies? like you could head over to the parts window and renew a passport

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how much you wanna bet there’s some guy in the world that only pays for things using George H.W. Bush $1 Coins (ref

some mornings abby will meow a lot at the door. sometimes i let her in (or she’ll push the door once it’s open a little bit) and she runs to the bed like she’s got something important to say, then sits down a purrs a lot.

never give up, after all it was the fifth mambo that was the most successful 🥲

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